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Healthcare Services in Konark

Health care facilities are among mandatory services required for maintaining good health status of people at any place. Thus, it is must to ensure proper health care infrastructure in every part of the country to provide proper health care services to the citizens. Konark is a small town located in Puri district of Odisha in India. Like all other cities of Puri district, public health care services in Konark are provided by health department of Odisha state government. Apart from that various private health care facilities are also available for citizens in the town. However, health care infrastructure in Konark is in basic condition as a limited number of public and private health care centers are available in this city. Government hospital, PHC, private health care centers, clinics, doctors and chemists are present in Konark as major part of health care infrastructure in Konark.

Health Care Services in Konark
Hospitals in Konark

Hospitals in Konark

Hospitals play key role in providing proper treatment to the patients in case of any health problem. Well, Konark has only a few options in terms of hospitals as only one government hospital is present in this town and along with a PHC also operates in this part of Puri district. These health care centers offer all necessary basic health care facilities to the residents. Apart from that private hospitals and clinics also provide medical facilities in this town. Thus, one can easily access health care services in Konark to get proper treatment and medical assistance. Besides, a number of health programs and schemes, generally operated by health department of the state, are also providing medical aid to the residents in Konark.

Govt. Hospital
Address: Konark-Kakatpur Road, Konark, Odisha 752111

PHC Konark
Address: Balidokan, Konark-Kakatpur Road, Odisha 752111

Konark Hospital
Address: Konark-Kakatpur Road, Konark, Odisha 752111

M K S Polyclinic
Address: Near Medical Chowk, Konark HO, Konark - 752111
Contact: +(91)-9853583839

Doctors in Konark

Doctors are an integral part of health care system as they provide medical treatment and guidance to the patients. Konark also has a number of accredited and experienced doctors who provide medical assistance to the residents and visitors unlike. Hence, one can contact the nearest doctor in case of any minor or major health issue and for regular health check-up.

Dr. Bhakta Charan Sahoo
Address: Near Sun Temple, Government Hospital, Konark HO, Konark - 752111
Contact: +(91)-9437189382

Chemists in Konark

Apart from hospitals and clinics, pharmaceutical stores also make a major part of health care infrastructure at any place. Chemists provide all sorts of medicines and small surgical or medical equipments as well. They also play key role in timely arrangement of medicines for the patient in case of urgency or emergency. Usually, one has to visit medical store for buying prescribed medicines for the patient. Hence, like all other parts of Odisha, Konark also houses a number of pharmaceutical stores and thus one can easily locate nearest one for purchasing medicines.

Konark Medical Store
Address: Konark HO, Konark - 752111

Thus, when it comes to health care one may easily avail health care facilities in Konark. At present, Konark has a limited but significant network of health care services that are updating with the passing time.

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